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Brotec is one of the most experienced manufacturers and suppliers of nylon tubing and nylon piping in Melbourne, delivering stock and customised products to customers

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AIC provides expert applications of Rilsan® Nylon coatings and generic nylon coatings to a broad range of medical, scientific and industrial parts.

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Economy Grades In Plastic Design, it is important to understand the application thoroughly. Many applications with wider tolerances can

Synthesis. Nylon 6 can be modified using comonomers or stabilizers during polymerization to introduce new chain end or functional groups, which changes the reactivity

100% US Made Nylon and Polyester Golf Netting Our Golf Barrier Netting is used at Golf ranges, Golf courses and to protect Homes against golf ball damage.

Johnston Industrial Plastics have been one of the leading suppliers of nylon sheets, nylon rods, Nylon Tubular Bar and strips in Toronto, Ontario & all of Canada.

The family of nylons consists of several different types. Nylon 6/6, nylon 6, nylon 6/10, nylon 6/12, nylon 11, nylon 12, and nylon 6-6/6 copolymer are the most

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Flat nylon webbing is a great choice for high abrasion applications, such as pet collars, leashes, leads, ratchet straps, D-ring belts and more.

Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers, based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides. Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material that can be

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NewAge Industries Nylotube – nylon tubing in both nylon-11 and nylon-12 formulations, Nylon’s elastic memory is exceptional and can withstand repeated flexing over a