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A Black woman’s hair is her crowning glory. She can style it sleek and straight or soft and curly; no matter what her hair will keep heads turning. So what’s your

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There are many Black Weave Hairstyles you can experiment with to bring out the beauty of your features. Colors like light brown or green can be used to touch up jet

Cornrow hairstyles are a traditional style of braiding the hair close to the scalp. While usually done in straight rows, the cornrow can also be seen in complex

See our favorite hair products for every texture, length, and color and browse the hottest trends for natural, relaxed, braided, dreadlocked hair and more.

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Best Short Hairstyles for Black Women – A woman’s hair is one of the best accessories to clothing. This is…

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Shaggy cuts are perfect for thick, coarse hair and one of this year’s most popular cuts. Shags are a totally cool and fresh way to wear short bob hairstyles. For

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Black Men Hairstyles. A black man’s hair is curled and quite thick. The truth is, it may be quite difficult to keep correctly kept and combed.

Clairol’s Perfect 10’s Hair Color Chart. Clairol’s Perfect 10 line shows of some stunning variance in hair colors, especially for blonde and brown shades.

If you’re a busy women this summer and you will be spending a lot of time outdoors and heat extensive areas, good natural short haircuts may be your best bet

Black Blonde Hairstyles 24

Best Black Guy Haircuts To Try. If you want to look clean and fresh for the new year, check out the latest, coolest and hottest black men’s hairstyles, including

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