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Butterfly Tattoos The Butterfly is true wonder of Nature. It leads a short, yet amazingly eventful life and undergoes a drastic transformation in a relatively limited

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Tattoos for women account for more than half of all tattoos. If you are looking for a tattoo beautiful and feminine start your search in tattoos for women.

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Lady Gaga’s Tattoos Tweet. Pop superstar Lady Gaga has fourteen tattoos including flowers on her hip, a German quote on her arm, and a unicorn on her thigh.

The unicorn is one of a very few mythological creatures that are considered to be beneficial in almost all traditions. The unicorn is universally beautiful

Unicorn definition, a mythical creature resembling a , with a single horn in the center of its forehead: often symbolic of chastity or purity. See more.

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Kelly Kennedy said I got a unicorn tattoo on my wrist for no reason and I also collected unicorns when I was little and my friend was scared to go in a roller

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