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WELCOME to my blog & autobiographical porn site! Both are undergoing a transformation in honor of my unexpectedly difficult & relatable mid-life crisis.

I like bare hands spanking, right on my exposed chicks like a little teen that deserves her punishment. I like it when the heat builds up. Since at first, the

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A nice glass of bubbly is always welcome and such a welcome pleasure for my stockinged feet, the bubbles certainly know how to make a lady feel good and special.

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Well, dear readers, my life has drastically changed. Sir has been stricken with illness and paralysis. We are coming to terms with an emerging normal which will

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I knowit’s been 7 months since my last blog update. For those of you who really care about such things, I’m sorry, but Steve and I have had a lot on our plates and

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By “PULL DOWN YOUR KNICKERS AND GET OVER MY KNEE NOW LADY” That sentance im sure has been used many times, and each time it is used

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i hope that all subs out there can be happy for me today. Today is the day and date that have changed my life. Two things have happened to me today, and a fortnight

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