penises vary wildly. From a four-headed penis to a detachable zombie sperm bomb, Life’s Little Mysteries rounds up the 7 strangest penises.

Let me just say at the outset that this post is about the baculum. Some of you may not want to read about the bone found in the penises of many mammal species. I want

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| Causes of an odd-looking (red) patch on the penis including psoriasis, warts, pre-cancer and balanitis xerotica obliterans

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Masturbation stories from hundreds of real men and women.

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What do women think about penis size? And does it really make any difference to sex? Penis size. Does it really make any difference to

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Jun 25, 2017 · HELSINKI (AP) — Activists are collecting money to repair a penis-shaped rock formation in southern Norway after the popular tourist attraction was found

There’s little or no correlation between the size of a flaccid penis and its size when erect. The data showed that a penis less than three inches long when flaccid

From sleeping to eating barbecue, take a look at some odd jobs people are getting paid to do. (odd jobs, weird jobs)

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