These weird sexual fetishes, from katoptronophilia to coprophilia, will make you cringe in fear.

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The stereotype goes that when it comes to sex, men are as simple-minded as s. As someone with a few years’ experience as a dominatrix and phone sex operator, I’m

What are the definitions of fetishes and other sexual preference terms? Learn about the behaviors of people with fetishes and other sexual preferences.

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What are the most popular sexual fetishes? From role-play to exhibitionism, to domination and submission, here are 10 of the most taboo sex acts.

Foot fetishes result from cross-wiring in the brain between the regions associated with feet and genitalia.

For the most part, fetishes are no more than strange sexual obsessions, harmless to those involved and funny to those who are not. But for every balloon fetish, there

Oct 23, 2013 · The following is a list of paraphilias, or sources of sexual arousal, discussed in

Sexual fetishes by definition are bound be creepy, weird and perverse to most but the extreme the Japanese take their fetishes to, is ridiculous. They name every

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These fetishes aren’t contained to dudes: Cases of objectum sexualis, a sexual fetish for inanimate objects, are more often found in women. The documentary Strange

Bizarre sexual fetishes are a staple of the human psyche–most everyone has them, and with the arrival of Internet porn, all the walls came crumbling down.

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