This is a great skirt that I can see so many different teens being so appreciative of! I love the idea of the fold over waist band to keep your little ones in the

Poodle Skirt Pattern. Maybe you want a poodle skirt for Halloween or a costume party. Or maybe you want it for a sock hop. Yay, sock hops! They’re awesome

Apr 27, 2016 · DIY Skirt: Skirt Pattern Tutorial Skirt Tutorial Transcript/worksheet/fitting questions: FULL TRANSCRIPT:

Thanks! I can’t wait to try it out for Ella. I’m thinking this would be perfect in solid, boring khaki, black, or navy for her standard college attire.

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How to Make a Poodle Skirt Without a Pattern and With Minimal Sewing. Poodle skirts don’t have to be a two week project with this easy formula. A poodle skirt has a

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I would like to know how you got your top and skirt into such a cute dress with no hem line? I am short and hate to add any horizontal lines to my waist and because I

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I have a similar skirt in a print that I love and now I can make one just like it without having to copy the one I have. Linda – I loved the skirt pattern when I

Find a pattern for Burda Style, Skirt at Simplicity, plus many more unique patterns. Visit today!

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The 30 minute easy skirt pattern. Materials: * a piece of stretchy fabric wide enough to fit around your hips and long enough from waist to knee (or however long you

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It’s really odd, but the most conservative outfit a professional woman can wear is a skirt suit. There are judges (the legal profession is one of the most

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