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DuPont heat resistant plastics offer cost-effective, application-optimized choices to replace metal, ceramics and other polymers in a range of uses.

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This simple and reliable pump action feeds from either the left or right tube. The feed side is manually selected by a lever located behind the trigger guard.

Nylon is a common thermoplastic resin typically used for injection molding applications.This material is a direct equivalent to Dupont Zytel* 70G33L.

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Premier Plastic Resins is a Michigan-based supplier of Virgin, Prime and Recycled Thermoplastic Pellets for Injection Molding and Extrusion. We have received national

Uber underhood polymer. Polyamide (PA, or nylon) compounds have been the vanguard of composite-for-metal replacements under the hood. Those who make them are leading

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DuPont provides cost-effective food contact materials that meet a variety of approval requirements for food and beverage equipment and appliances.

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